Reclaim Armistice Day Recap

On the 101st Anniversary of Armistice Day, VFP Chapters and Members across the U.S. and abroad once again took the lead to Reclaim Armistice Day as a "day dedicated to the cause of world peace," as it was celebrated at the end of World War I when the world came together to recognize the need for lasting peace.  On our website you will find our featured stories, reports from local chapter actions, and links to articles, podcasts, radio shows, videos and more from Veterans For Peace members and chapters reclaiming Armistice Day across the globe!

You can view the full Armistice Day 2019 photo album here for additional pictures from actions across the world!

Featured Stories

Fire Drill Friday

The weekend before Armistice Day, Veterans For Peace was lucky enough to be invited to join Jane Fonda at Fire Drill Fridays in Washington, D.C - actions to bring urgent attention to important intersectional analysis around Climate Change. Friday, November 8th focused on the intersection between War, Military and the Climate Crisis. About a dozen VFP members from Minnesota, North Carolina, Philadelphia, and as far away as California were joined local VFP members to march alongside Jane Fonda, CodePink and more. Speakers at the event included VFP Advisory Board Member Phyllis Bennis, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Krystal Two Bulls of About Face. Check out the Livestream. 

Photo Credit: Dave Warren

Waging Peace

On Armistice Day Ron Carvers's Waging Peace in Vietnam exhibit (which was featured at the VFP Convention in Spokane) opened it's run in D.C. at George Washington University. The opening was followed by a week-long series of events that included commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Mobilization Demonstration against the Vietnam War, the largest antiwar protest in American history, a book launch, a peace poetry open mic, three movies, the reenactment of Cortright v Resor and a full day symposium with the morning focused on convincing historians to include the GI Movement when teaching and writing about the war.

Listen to the audio documentary: Soldiers for Peace - featuring VFP members Susan Schnall, Paul Cox, VFP poet laureate Jan Barry, and more


VFP Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen in Portland with Chapter 72

This Armistice Day, VFP Chapter 72 in Portland welcomed VFP Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen as their special guest. Chapter 72, allies, and friends gathered at Director Park striking a bell 11 times to Commemorate the 101st Anniversary of the End of World War One and the signing of the Armistice on the Eleventh Month, on the Eleventh Day, at the Eleventh Hour. 

Member Dan Shea read a Proclamation that culminated with 'Therefore, We of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 of the City of Portland, Oregon, the "City of Roses," do hereby proclaim November 11th, 2019 to be Armistice Day in Portland, Oregon and encourage all residents to celebrate Peace by Divesting from War, to work for Peace at Home and Abroad, and to uphold our values of justice, freedom, and democracy for all.' Read the full proclamation here.

Check out the videos by Daniel Shea on the website!

Golden Rule

VFP Golden Rule Project and Hawai'i Chapter 113

In honor of Armistice Day this year, Hawai`i Chapter 113 hosted an Armistice Day Commemoration, community potluck, and Golden Rule Peace Boat fundraiser. Attendees were invited to learn about stopping privatization of the Veterans Administration, the Red Hill Jet Fuel tanks above the water supply of Honolulu, and Father Michael Lapsley from South Africa spoke on healing of memories. 

VFP Golden Rule Project Coordinator Helen Jaccard gave a presentation about the history and mission of the Golden Rule anti-nuclear peace boat. Afterwards there was a film screening of the award-winning documentary “Making Waves: The Rebirth of the Golden Rule”. 

In addition, the Honolulu City and County Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting the UN Nuclear Ban treaty for the abolition of nuclear weapons.


VFP Board President Gerry Condon and Brett Copeland in Milwaukee with Chapter 102

For their 12th annual Armistice Day event, Chapter 102 in Milwaukee had a great turnout of over 100 people despite a bitterly cold night. The program was co-sponsored by over 20 local groups and featured VFP Board President Gerry Condon. Unfortunately, planned speaker Suzanne Gordon (Journalist and Author - "Wounds of War: How the VA Delivers Health, Healing, and Hope to the Nation's Veterans"), was ill and unable to travel but arranged for Brett Copeland, executive director of the Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute, with whom she works closely, to come instead. Music was provided by acoustic trio The Pardee Boys. View the full photo album.

In addition, representatives of Veterans For Peace and labor unions representing workers at Milwaukee VA hospital held a Veterans Day news conference about the privatization of the VA in front of the hospital. Read the full release.

Listen to Suzanne Gordon on Milwaukee's NPR: Health Care Journalist Makes The Case For Preserving the Veterans Health Administration


VFP United Kingdom

Nearly two dozen VFP UK members gathered this year for their annual Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) gathering at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. From the news article: “Upon arriving at the Cenotaph, VfP UK member Ben Griffin placed a handmade wreath, mostly of white poppies, with two red ones, onto the memorial. The wreath had the phrase “Never Again” in big bold letters at the centre...A VfP member recited the poem “Suicide in the Trenches”. This was followed by a folk song rendition of 1916 by VfP UK member Jim Radford. The experience of the VfP UK procession is quite different from all those of the various military units which immediately proceeded, in that its focus was clearly on loss rather than on pride or accomplishment.”

Read the full news article: Veterans for Peace UK solemnly commemorate tragedy of war and its victims

Chapter Reports

Chapter 9 - Boston, MA (Smedley Butler Brigade)

For something like the 30th year the Smedley Butler Brigade followed behind the local Veterans' Day parade (they are not allowed as they are for peace).


Chapter 13 - Tucson, AZ

Members marched in the Veterans Day parade.


Chapter 27 - Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

Chapter 27 Twin Cities had their Armistice Day event at the Minnesota State Capitol. 


Chapter 26 - Chicago, IL

This year, Chicago VFP Chapter 26 expanded Armistice to include all violence - guns, police, sexual, racial, nationalistic, domestic, as well as the military. 

Santa Fe

Chapter 55 - Santa Fe, NM

Members marched in the Veterans Day parade with the message "Stop the War on Mother Earth"


Chapter 168 - Louisville, KY

VFP members in Louisville marched in their annual Veterans Day parade.

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