October 11, 2019: Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day, VFP at Creech and Nellis AFB, Blank Slate: A Public Intervention Against Killer Drones, Small Town Values And Rust Belt Community Organizing With Vince Emanuele, Update from Ireland, School of Americas Watch, Peace Groups Send Joint Letter to UN, Ann Wright in Japan, VFP Fall Newsletter, VFP In the News, Reminders and Calendar!

Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day

Next Monday, Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day!

Veterans For Peace believes that the federal holiday commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the “New World” is an affront to Indigenous peoples everywhere and particularly to native peoples of the Americas. We denounce the celebration of a person who carried out mass killings and genocidal acts against Indigenous peoples and paved the way for European colonization of native lands and enslavement of native peoples.

Today, Veterans For Peace asks that you sign our “Remove the Stain” petition.  As veterans, we are aware of our legacy as military veterans as participants in the ways in which we have perpetuated injustice across the globe and against indigenous people.  We know that this petition and the law will not erase the violence used against the Sioux people.  We, however, believe these medals from Wounded Knee should immediately be rescinded.

Read the Statement and Sign the Petition.

VFP Taking Action at Creech and Nellis Air Force Bases

VFP at Creech and Nellis Air Force Base!

Last week, Veterans For Peace worked hard to draw attention to militarization in Nevada. Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen was in Las Vegas with other members of Veterans For Peace resisting drones at Creech Air Force Base and bringing attention to the proposed expansion of Nellis Air Force Base

Read the news coverage of the VFP action in the Las Vegas Sun.

Check out our Action Alert and help Veterans For Peace continue to stand up against militarization!

Man holding up sign that says

Blank Slate: A Public Intervention Against Killer Drones

In New York City on October 7th, Veterans For Peace participated in a Counter-Killer-Drone Performance Art Action in front of the United Nations headquarters.

Titled "Blank Slate", the public art intervention coincided with the opening of the UN Disarmament Committee. The action took place to promote a global, multilateral ban on fully autonomous weapons, and powerfully address the on-going U.S. campaign of drone killing. 

Watch the video now!

Image of Vince Emanuele speaking

Small Town Values And Rust Belt Community Organizing With Vince Emanuele

Veterans For Peace member Vince Emanuele was recently interviewed on 89.9 in Madison, Wisconsin. It's definitely worth a listen!
The show features a wide-ranging discussion of small Rust Belt communities; the problems of militarism, US empire, and global capitalism; the importance of community spaces and independent media; and how to build local and international solidarity to combat large-scale threats like climate crisis and white nationalism.

Listen now!

Ken and Tarak with group holding pride flag with peace sign.

Update from Ireland!

U.S. military veterans Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers have finished three weeks of Boots on the Ground for Freedom, in which they walked through Ireland to support Ireland’s neutrality, to protest its role in facilitating U.S. wars in the Middle East, and to demand that they be allowed to return home to the United States. Meanwhile, the Ennis Circuit Court postponed a key decision on moving their case to the Dublin Circuit Court, a key step in the process of getting their bail conditions changed to allow them to leave Ireland.

See Details. 

SOAW graphic

Veterans For Peace at SOAW

Veterans For Peace will gather together for the march and march together. We will also gather for an informal meeting. If you are coming from Veterans For Peace, please let us know by filling out this form!

Housing Deadlines are Approaching!
Veterans For Peace has reserved 20 rooms at the Candlewood Suites, (3389 Victory Dr., Columbus, GA). Candlewood Suites are conviently located near the gates and also very close to Disabled American Veterans, (where VFP will meet on Saturday).

To get the special VFP rate of $94/night, single or double, you need to call Candlewood Suites: 706-683-9900.


South Korean Flag, American Flag, and UN Flag

47 Peace Groups Send a Joint Letter to UN

Continued abuse of the UN flag by the US at its military bases in South Korea and Japan led the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and 46 peace groups from across the globe to send a joint letter to the UN Secretary General Guterres seeking his opinion on whether the US is illegally using the UN flag in violation of the UN Charter, UN Flag Code, and the Security Council Res. 84 (1950).

Coordinator of the VFP-Korea Peace Campaign, John Kim, stated as follows: "Uncle Sam has been fooling the world community for about 70 years now by flying the UN flag at its military bases in Korea and Japan in the name of the so-called 'UN Command,' which is nothing more than a fake entity that was created by the Truman administration in July 1950. It is about time that we should put a stop to this long abuse of the UN name and its flag by the US establishment."

Ann Wright with a Golden Rule Presentation

Ann Wright in Japan

VFP member Ann Wright is currently on the Japanese Peace Boat.  She recently gave a presentation on the Golden Rule's trip to Hawai'i several hundred people, also traveling on the boat!

Blackrock: Divest from Fossil Fuels

Chapter 106 has been hitting the streets!

VFP Chapter 106 took part in their local Global Climate Strike week-long series of events, "NO WAR ON IRAN" demonstrations, and joined North Texas Light Brigade to light up Dallas City Hall. Read more and see more photos here.

VFP Fall 2019 Newsletter Out Now!

VFP Fall 2019 Newsletter Out Now!

The VFP Newsletter is published 3 times each year for members and donors. It contains extensive chapter reports from around the country, poetry and book reviews as well as articles on current affairs.

Read more on our publications page, or let us know if you want to order a bundle for tabling!

VFP in the News

VFP in the News!

VFP in the News

Important Reminders!

Armistice Day is only a month away! Every year, Veterans For Peace takes the lead in lifting up the original intention of November 11th – as a day for peace. Visit the VFP Armistice Day webpage to learn how you can get involved, enter your local event into our Events Map, request tabling materials, and more!

Save the Date! The next Chapter Contacts call is November 5th! Email samantha@veteransforpeace.org with any questions!

Upcoming Events


October 5-12 - Keep Space for Peace Week of Actions

November 11 - Armistice Day

November 15-17 - School of Americas Watch in Fort Benning, GA

For more calendar events, check out our website!


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