October 18, 2019 - VFP Condemns Turkish Invasion of Rojava, Take Action for Jose, VFP at Fleet Week, Armistice100 Santa Cruz Award, VFP ROCK Presents, Stop Line 3,  Environmental Victory over Formosa Plastics, Bring War $$ Home, Veterans’ Voices Uplift Peace, Presente! Thompson Bradley, and more!

VFP Condemns Turkish Invasion of Rojava

Veterans For Peace Condemns Turkish Invasion of Rojava

Veterans For Peace condemns the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan and calls on the United States government to withdraw any support for the incursion. We also call for the United States to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the current crisis and to reopen our borders to allow in more refugees from this war torn region.

Read the full VFP statement and see how you can take action here.

Take action For Jose

Take Action For Jose!

Jose Segovia Benitez, an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, was on a plane about to be deported to El Salvador (a country he has not lived in since he was a toddler) when he was given a last-minute reprieve. Immigration officials have given his attorneys five days (from October 16th) to file documents while California Governor Newsom considers granting him a pardon. Read more about Jose's case here

What You Can Do: 

  • Call California Governor Newsom's office at (916) 445-0873
  • Or click the button below to send an email
Sailing during fleet week with

Fleet Week: 2nd Annual Peace Flotilla on the Bay

During San Francisco Fleet Week, Veterans For Peace and CODEPINK took part in the 2nd Annual Peace Flotilla displaying messages of peace in contrast to the displays of war and militarism. 

Two boats, the “Hokahey” and “Lil’ Wing,” sailed back and forth in front of the gathered crowds flying the Veterans For Peace and CODEPINK flags and displaying banners that read: “U.S. MILITARY #1 POLLUTER”, “AIR SHOW = MEGA POLLUTION”, “NO GLORY IN WAR” and “WAGE PEACE.” 

Read the full report!

Armistice 100 Santa Cruz Film

Armistice Film Wins "Spirit in Action!” Award

Last year VFP Chapter 11 in Santa Cruz and other dedicated groups devoted themselves to honoring “Armistice Year” having monthly events culminating in a large celebration on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Armistice100 Santa Cruz, by filmmaker L.B. Johnson documents those efforts, masterly weaving image, music, and narrative from a year of healing events. It was selected to be in the series of shorts on the theme, “Movement For Peace” in the Santa Cruz Film Festival and and won an award for best "Spirit in Action!"

Watch the full film here

VFP ROCK Exec. Director Douglas Lummis

VFP ROCK Presents: Okinawa’s Base Project -
A Real Quagmire

VFP ROCK (Ryukyu-Okinawa-Chapter-Kokusai) Executive Director Douglas Lummis gives a brief (36 minute) talk on the Okinawa situation.

Watch the full video on YouTube here

Banner - No War on Mother Earth - U.S. Military #1 Polluter

Stop Line 3

On September 28th, VFP Chapter 27 joined a crowd of over 700 people in Duluth, MN to take action against Enbridge's Line 3 oil pipeline. The proposed line would be one of the largest crude oil pipelines in the world, carrying up to 915,000 barrels per day. For 5 years, First Nations, tribal governments, landowners, environmental groups, and communities across the Great Lakes have been fighting to #StopLine 3 and protect the water and future generations.

Read the article about the most recent protest here

Diane wading in River behind Private Property sign

Environmental Victory over Formosa Plastics

Diane Wilson, Veterans For Peace member and longtime environmental activist, had a big win this past week when Formosa Plastics agreed to pay $50 million for polluting Texas waterways. The case set a record for the largest settlement of a Clean Water Act lawsuit brought by private individuals, and in no other case have private individuals collected as much evidence to prove illegal discharges. Wilson said she never thought she would see Formosa reach an agreement of this caliber, “...it sends a notice to the rest of the plastic companies in the country that this should be the standard now, and I am very proud to be a part of that.”

Read the full article

Mark Foreman speaking in front of Milwaukee Common Council

Bring War $$ Home

Mark Foreman of VFP Chapter 102 testified earlier this month at the Milwaukee Common Council’s public hearing on the city budget. Supporters held signs behind him speaking out against the percentage of the city budget allocated to the police ("47% is Too Much") and another that said "Bring Our War $$ Home", citing the over $700 billion currently allocated to military spending (not counting the second largest payout (for veterans affairs), nor debt payments for prior military costs.

Read the news article

Veterans' Voices Award Winners

Veterans’ Voices Uplift Peace!

Earlier this month, Chapter 27 VFP member Larry Johnson received a Veterans’ Voices award from the Minnesota Humanities Center. The award is given to individuals who have: ”shared exemplary written works of poetry, prose, essays, memoirs, and more that speak to their military service and experiences as a Veteran.” At the ceremony, each winner read what they wrote, and Larry's writing was the first in the history of the event to mention being a veteran who is also working for peace.

Thompson Bradley: Presente!

(Photo by VFP member Harvey Finkle sometime in the '80s.)

¡Presente! Thompson Bradley

Veterans For Peace and the anti-war movement will miss dedicated activist Thompson Bradley.  A member of VFP Chapter 31, Tom was a professor of Russian language and literature at Swarthmore College for many decades. Professor Bradley mobilized students and faculty against the Vietnam War. Later, he protested American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. He mentored conscientious objectors and arranged for other faculty members to learn mentoring. Upon retirement from Swarthmore, Tom taught writing in the Philadelphia prison for 12 years. Read the full obituary.

Read the poem by VFP veteran Bill Ehrhart written to note Tom's death

Reclaim Armistice Day

Reclaim Armistice Day!

Every year on November 11th, Veterans For Peace members and chapters "Reclaim Armistice Day" and push the celebration of peace into the national conversation on Veterans Day. With Armistice Day fast approaching, click the links below to request tabling materials from the VFP office, and register your local event or find an event near you on our Events Map.

You can also visit the VFP Armistice Day webpage for more information and other ways you can get involved!

VFP in the News

VFP in the News!

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