October 31, 2019 - Haunt For Peace, Armistice Day, Fire Drill Fridays!, Waging Peace in Vietnam in D.C., James Yee on Guantanamo Bay, Trial of the Kings Bay 7, VFP Member Phil Butler inducted into Hall of Fame,  Pardon Mario!, Update from Ireland, Pdcast: Ahmad Daniels, Newsletter Available!, VFP in the News and Calendar!

Haunt for Peace

Haunt For Peace!

Veterans For Peace is taking the opportunity to educate folks with some terrifying facts on the military industrial complex.

Veterans For Peace knows that the real ghouls and goblins are continuing to fund these endless wars and the defense contractors who continue getting rich off these dangerous policies.  We decided to release some real facts that show how terrifying and out of control the U.S. is when it comes to defense spending, nuclear weapons, treatment of our veterans, etc.

You can check them out here!

Fire Drill Fridays

Fire Drill Fridays!

Funding endless war is an existential threat to human life and one of the leading causes of climate change, which is why it's urgent that we come together in Washington D.C. and make the connection between U.S. militarism and climate change.  On Friday, November 8th, Fire Drill Fridays will focus on War and Military.

If you are a VFP member and plan to attend, please fill out this form for more information!

Also be sure to check out this live Teach In on Thursday, November 7th, 7:00 p.m. (ET): Teach In: War and Militarism: Phyllis Bennis and Michael Mann will be joining Jane Fonda to talk about the link between War/Military and Climate.

Waging Peace

Waging Peace in Vietnam in D.C.

Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia and the Elliott School of International Affairs present an exhibit, book launch and conference, along with cultural events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Mobilization for Peace.

November 15, at the close of the symposium we will conduct a reenactment of the March Against Death with a three block march from GW University's Elliott School of International Affairs (where the week's events are happening) to the White House. There we will pay tribute to both the Americans and the Vietnamese who were killed during the war. That march will begin at about 6 p.m.  

Check out the full schedule of events.  To Register for the conference, click here!


Pardon Mario

Pardon Mario!

Mario Martinez, U.S. Army veteran and legal permanent resident,  is currently in deportation proceedings. He enlisted in the military at the age of 17 and served honorably for 6 years (1980-1986) and ascended to the rank of Sergeant.  He came to the United States from Mexico in 1967 as a small child; so he knows no other place as home. Mario is currently seeking a Gubernatorial Pardon from Gov. Gavin Newsom in hopes that he will be allowed to stay in the U.S

He is currently out of ICE custody on a temporary bond but needs a pardon.  If pardoned, Mario would be allowed to begin the naturalization process and to stay united with his family and in the country, for which he served honorably. 

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Kings Bay Plowshares

Trial of the Kings Bay 7

Veterans For Peace member Jack Gilroy, along with several other Veterans For Peace members, traveled to witness the recent trial of the seven people who participated in an action at the Kings Bay Submarine Trident Missile Base.

The peace activists were all found guilty and await sentencing.  Jack writes about their witness.

Read it here.


Phil Butler

VFP Member Phil Butler inducted into Hall of Fame

We are proud to announce that VFP Chapter 46 President Emeritus Phillip Butler was inducted into the Oklahoma military Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City on October 26th. Phil was a former Vietnam POW were he endured 2,855 days as a prisoner of war. He has been a peace and justice warrior for decades and fights every day to raise awareness about the true costs of war. Visit his wikipedia page, Phil Butler, for an in-depth story of a true, WARRIOR FOR PEACE.

"Our chapter would like to send a huge congratulations to Phil Butler. I am honored to have succeeded Phil as president of our chapter. His courage to speak truth to power has helped me be a better, bold activist and leader." -Justin Loza, President, Chapter 46 Monterey

James Yee

James Yee on Guantanamo Bay

VFP member and former US Army Chaplin James Yee speaking about his experiences at Guantanamo Bay and the response to  his reports on the war crimes he witnessed.  A cautionary tale about the criminal abuse  he experienced while in the US Army and the need to close Guantanamo Bay.

Watch here!


Reclaim Armistice Day

Armistice Day!

Armistice Day is right around the corner, and once again, Veterans For Peace is taking the lead to #ReclaimArmisticeDay. This year, as we celebrate the 101st Anniversary of Armistice Day we call for November 11 to be observed as “a day dedicated to the cause of world peace," as it was celebrated at the end of World War I when the world came together to recognize the need for lasting peace. 

Make sure to check out our website for ideas on ways you and your chapter can take action. We have compiled an amazing amount of resources from various chapters to help make your Armistice Day a success! We have sample Armistice Day proclamations that chapters have used in their cities, a Litany of Bells, sample flyers and press releases and more! 


Tarka and Ken

Boots on the Ground-Update from Ireland

Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff continue to fight their case in Ireland and educate the public on the U.S. violation of Irish neutrality.  In order to raise their case and the continued breaches of Irish neutrality for the past 18 years via Shannon airport, they are now on the second leg of their walk around the Irish Republic. They are now walking from Dun Laoghaire to Dundalk. The first leg saw them journey from Limerick gaol, where they were imprisoned for 12 days, to Malin Head.

A "Let Them Go HOME for Christmas" postcard campaign directed at Minister for "Justice" Charlie Flanagan has been launched.

Watch this recently released video!


PODCAST: Ahmad Daniels

"All I did was open my mouth,"  Ahmad Daniels was sentenced to a decade in military prison.

As a black serviceman in the 1960s, Ahmad Daniels was quickly disillusioned to fight for a country that considered him to be a second-class citizen. The military sentenced him to 10 years in prison for speaking to other servicemen about the injustices he saw and questioning military authority.

Listen now!


Newsletter Bundles!

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The VFP Newsletter is published 3 times each year for members and donors. It contains extensive chapter reports from around the country, poetry and book reviews as well as articles on current affairs. Let us know if you want to order a bundle for tabling (bundles come in packages of 25).

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VFP in the News

VFP in the News!

Upcoming Events


November 2-11 - Tick Tock Time's Up! 

November 6 -  International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

November 7 - Facebook Live Teach In with Jane Fonda on War and Militarism
November 8 - Firedrill Fridays!  War and Military

November 11 - Armistice Day

November 11-15 - Waging Peace in Vietnam: Book launch and Symposium on 50th Anniversary of the War on Vietnam

November 15-17 - School of Americas Watch in Fort Benning, GA

December 3-5 - No to NATO Summit in London

For more calendar events, check out our website!


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