May 31, 2019 - Veterans For Peace honors Memorial Day, announcement of upcoming delegation to Nicaragua, updates on how you can help Venezuela, Golden Rule updates, new video on Deported Veter

Veterans For Peace Members at Swords to Plowshares Memorial in Washington D.C.

Memorial Day 2019

This past Memorial Day, Veterans For Peace reminded the public that the human cost of war is more than human soldiers, but also the people who are caught in the crossfire.  Members of Veterans For Peace participate in a wide range of activities in cities and towns all across the nation to observe Memorial Day.

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Venezuela Embassy featuring a VFP Flag

Update on the Siege at the Venezuela Embassy in DC

For 37 days, peace activists lived in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC, at the invitation of the democratically elected and sitting government of Venezuela. Veterans For Peace was one of several groups that maintained a presence in the Embassy.  VFP's President Gerry Condon was arrested.

Read the latest updates and further ways you can take action!

VFP Delegation to Nicaragua

VFP Announces Delegation to Nicaragua

VFP is excited to announce a special delegation to Nicaragua, July 12-21. The delegation will coincide with the 40th anniversary (July 19) of the Sandinista Revolution.  We will meet with grassroots community groups and agricultural collectives,spend a few days in the capital Managua, visit Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast, where we will meet with Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous communities and meet with government officials and learn about ongoing covert U.S. intervention in Nicaragua. Read more about the trip.

Applications will be available soon. If interested in being sent an application, please fill out this form.

Save Our VA

Take Action to #SaveOurVA

On June 5th and 6th, veterans around the country are going to take action to rally in support of the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) and speak out against privatization and the roll out of the MISSION Act and its new access regulations for the Veterans Community Care Program, a dangerous new policy.

Find out ways you can take action and to download resources!

Monisha Rios and Ann Wright in Cuba

International Symposium on Abolition of Foreign Military Bases held in Guantanamo, Cuba

Former board member Monisha Rios and current advisory board member Ann Wright were speakers at the 6th International Symposium on Abolition of Foreign Military Bases held in Guantanamo, Cuba May 4-6, 2018.  Monisha was there to research and organize for MIRA, an international Peoples’ coalition she’s building to address the impacts of U.S. psychological warfare among other things.

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Picture of the Golden Rule at sunset

Golden Rule Update!

Much to our disappointment, the Golden Rule's early May voyage from California to Hawaii was cut short due to engine problems. The mechanic's inspection revealed that we need a new engine. We still hope to sail to Hawaii in July!

If you want to help with the new engine, you can donate here!

Frank Cruz talking to the camera.

Banished Military Veterans- 2019 Documentary

Our new documentary from Chris Smiley illustrates the injustice and travesty of deporting military veterans. Veterans For Peace is working hard to support deported vets and bring them back home to their families. 

To learn about our Deported Veterans Advocacy Project follow our chapter on Facebook or visit our website.

Banner that says Respect Irish Neutrality

Anti-Trump Protests Planned for Shannon Airport in Ireland

To coincide with US President Donald Trump's visit to Ireland, protests will be held at Shannon Airport starting at 3pm on June 5th.  A Peace Camp will be set up outside the airport for the duration of his visit, including overnight on the 5th and 6th June.  VFP Ireland is a co-sponsor.

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National Iranian American Council video snippet

Iranian Americans Release Video Calling for Peace

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has recently released this video calling for peace.
" That’s why we need to speak up loudly– and show our lawmakers that Iranian Americans say NO to war and YES to peace and diplomacy! They are asking for allies to sign on to their letter.

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VFP in the News

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November 11 - Armistice Day

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