June 14, 2019 - VFP Continues to Protest U.S. Military involvement in Ireland, No War on Iran, VFP Member Speaks on Climate Change, An Endless War? Getting out of Afghanistan, VFP Announces Delegation to Nicaragua, Hyosoon-Misun Peace Park, SOAW back at Ft. Benning, Summer Edition of Peace In Our Times Now Available for Order!, Interview with Miles Megaciph, Important Reminders!, Keep Space for Peace Week, VFP in the News, Calendar

Ken and Tarak in front of the Irish Parliment

VFP Continues to Protest U.S. Military involvement in Ireland

Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers continue to be held in Ireland after protesting the U.S. military's usage of Shannon Airport, a violation of Irish Neutrality.  Their passports have been confiscated, but they are using every opportunity to raise awareness about the issue.  On June 11th they were in front of the Irish Parliament!

Check out the latest updates and ways you can help with their legal fund!

No War with Iran

NIAC Calls for No War on Iran

A message from the National Iranian American Council: Reps. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Seth Moulton (D-MA) are planning to offer an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would block funds for a war and clarify that no Congressional authorization exists. This is a good amendment, and there is a narrow path to get it signed into law. Unfortunately, there are many pro-war voices in Washington DC who are going to try to stop it. We need to be louder than them.

That’s why we need you to tell your Member of Congress to support the Khanna-Moulton amendment.


Graphic that shows the Cost of War and the Military Industrial Complex

VFP Member Speaks on Climate Change

Dud Hendrick, major organizer for the BIW shipyard Conversion Campaign in Maine, was invited to present at a PechaKucha Summer 2019 event, EARTH, last week in Portland. He gave a great talk about his work with Veterans for Peace in solidarity with the many indigenous groups displaced or harmed by U.S. military dominion over the planet.

Watch now!


Image of Matt Hoh and others in front of an image from the film Endless War

An Endless War? Getting out of Afghanistan

VFP member Matt Hoh participated in a Q&A on Capital Hill after the film screening of a new film, An Endless War?  Getting Out of Afghanistan.  The film features a number of interviews, including Matt, as they discuss Afghanistan, the past and future and the desperate need for U.S. to leave.

Watch the Q&A


VFP Delegation to Nicaragua

VFP Announces Delegation to Nicaragua

VFP is excited to announce a special delegation to Nicaragua, July 12-21. The delegation will coincide with the 40th anniversary (July 19) of the Sandinista Revolution.  Read more about the trip.

Please fill out this application as soon as possible: Application

You can also print out this PDF and mail it to the National Office at 1404 N. Broadway Blvd, St. Louis MO 63102


Image of Hysoon-Misun Peace Park

Hyosoon-Misun Peace Park

On June 13, some 40 S. Korean groups held a special ceremony to launch building of the Hyosoon-Misun Peace Park at the site where two S. Korean teenagers were killed by a U.S. Army armored vehicle in 2002.  In connection with this event, the VFP-Korea Peace Campaign project donated $1,300 this week to the SK Committee for Building the Hyosoon-Misun Peace Park to cover the cost of building the peace park.  KPC project thanks all VFP members who have contributed for the peace park, which is built in memory of the two teenage victims of U.S. militarism.


Graphic of the announcement of SOAW at Ft. Benning

SOAW back at Ft. Benning

The School of Americas Watch has announced that their annual gathering will be at Ft. Benning, November 15-17th.  News has recently broken that news broke that Fort Benning -- home of the School of the Americas / WHINSEC -- is now being considered as a detention center facility for children.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Central American University massacre.  Stay tuned for more information


Peace In Our Times Summer Edition Now Available

Summer Edition of Peace In Our Times Now Available for Order!

In this issue a major focus is on the environmental catastrophe creeping up on all of us and the huge role the U.S. military plays in moving life on earth closer to a place of no return. Also some bright rays of hope tucked here and there between the lines, for example a simple solution to this crisis prescribed by Four Arrows--and the U.N. Download a copy!

Order Now!  

Image of Miles giving an interview

Interview with Miles Megaciph

Hideko Otake interviews Miles MEGACIPH, an ex-Marine and rapper for Peace, talks about his days in Okinawa and an anthem “Nuchi du Takara (All Life is a Treasure), recorded on April 11, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY and released this week!

Interview, Part 1
Interview, Part 2



Important Reminders!

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Keep Space for Peace

Keep Space for Peace Week

Each fall the Global Network organizes Keep Space for Peace Week, where they invite activists around the world to hold local actions.  This year the actions will be October 5-12th. Check out the official Facebook page and download the poster!

VFP in the News

Check out a few articles from the week!

Peace can flow like a river (A thoughtful article on Ann Wright's recent talk)

'Napalm girl' of iconic Vietnam War picture shares story of forgiveness

Vietnam veteran to discuss new book at Goose Creek

A Solider's Defense of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning by Danny Sjursen

Upcoming Events


June 28-29 - International Congress Against War & Military Bases & Ramstein Air Base, Germany  Drone Base camp and actions Kaiserslautern, Germany

July 8-16, 2019 - Buchel, Germany anti-nuke camp and actions- Stop the New U.S. Nuclear Bomb for Europe

July 12-21 - VFP Trip to Nicaragua 

July 18-20 - Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the Chicago River

June 10- August 6 - 2019 East Asia Peace Walk 

August 15-18 - Annual Veterans For Peace Convention in Spokane, Washington

September 7-22 - VFP Trip to Viet Nam

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