June 14, 2019 - No War on Iran, Welcome Garett, Okinawa Memorial Day,  Kahdim is Free, VFP Cosponsors a new Campaign for Peace and Justice in Korea, Big Win for Waterkeepers, Minneapolis Chapter says Save Our VA, Golden Rule Update!, Day of Action Against Domestic Violence, July 4th in D.C., Was Congress Listening?, 8 Arrested Protesting Killer Drone Assassinations, 47 Arrested In 8 Weeks Demanding: #ConvertBIW To Address #ClimateEmergency!, Important Reminders, Convention and Calendar!

No War on Iran

Veterans Say No War on Iran

Congress needs to hear from YOU!  If the march to war is not halted, the Iranian people’s suffering will only further increase and the U.S. will find itself bogged down in another costly war of choice. Congress must block this administration's path to war and push to return the U.S. to compliance with the nuclear deal and the negotiating table without delay.

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Welcome Garett!

Veterans For Peace is excited to welcome Garett Reppenhagen!  Garett started his new role as Executive Director this week.  

Send him a welcome email!  reppenhagen@veteransforpeace.org


Susan Schnall talking at Okinawa Memorial Day

Okinawa Memorial Day

On June 23rd people on Okinawa remember all lives perished in the Battle of Okinawa and pray for peace.  Veterans For Peace members including VFP NYC Chapter President Susan Schnall attended and spoke.


Group shot of celebration for Kahdim

Kahdim is Free!

VFP has been part of a community wide effort to support and provide sanctuary for Kahdim Al-bumohammed for the last two years.  This week he returned home.

“We have witnessed our schools become more militarized, our communities become militarized, and the border militarized—all for the sake of protecting freedom. There is a saying, ‘Freedom isn’t Free.’ The truth is, none of us are free, as long as the military—and those in power—who abuse their positions continue to oppress, to silence and terrorize each and every one of us,” noted Monique Salhab, an Albuquerque resident who served in Iraq 2005-2006 and again 2008-2009 with the US Army Military Police.

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KPC Campaign

VFP Cosponsors a new Campaign for Peace and Justice in Korea

The new Campaign issued a Declaration calling for the dissolution of the "UNC" in Korea, which was created by the US in 1950 but is now being used as a political tool of the US for blocking the inter-Korean cooperative projects.

Concerned groups and individuals who want to endorse the Declaration may do so directly by clicking here. 

Collected signatures will be presented to the UN Members in the future.
For further info, contact kpc@veteransforpeace.org.


Image of Hysoon-Misun Peace Park

Waterkeepers Get Big Win!

On Friday, a federal judge ruled for VFP member Diane Wilson and her group, the San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper against the "serial polluter" Formosa plastics that has been discharging plastic pellets into the waterways around her community. 

To read more and ways to support the ongoing efforts



Minneapolis Chapter says Save Our VA

On June 26th Save Our VA had an informational picket line at the Minneapolis VA. They report a very successful action with an 80% increase in attendance! Many honking horns of support from VA workers and arriving veteran patients. New this time:  5 AFGE union members (including 2 Regional directors) and 3 members of AMVETS.

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Golden Rule

Golden Rule Update!

The sea trial went as planned and the Golden Rule will be arriving back to port.  

They sailed in conditions similar to what they'll encounter on the way to Hawaii, tried out various sail plans, and have a short list of things to do while in San Diego. We look forward to hearing more this evening and planning for next week's departure for Hawai'i!

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Okinawa signs

Was Congress Listening?

Doug Lummis, VFP-ROCK, writes on the recent 2020 Defense Authorization Bill, presented to the Senate on 11 June. It contains a section, (Section 1255) requiring the Department of Defense to do a review of the plan to move the 1st Marine Air Wing from Futenma Base in Okinawa to Henoko (still in Okinawa) where they want to build a new super base to house it.  

Big news!  But more work needs to be done. Find out more!



Day of Action

Day of Action Against Domestic Violence

Veterans For Peace has endorsed the Day of Action Against Domestic Violence.  The Day of Action is scheduled for October 5, 2019.  Communities can create events around the issue of Domestic Violence.  In the event will be a visual demonstration of the shocking number of women’s deaths due to domestic violence in the United States.

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4th of July D.C.

July 4th in D.C.

Veterans For Peace joins CodePink on July 4 as the Baby Trump blimp makes its DC debut on the National Mall, facing the Lincoln Memorial where Trump will be speaking.

RSVP here.

If you are a VFP member, contact Mike Marceau and let him know you'll be there!  (mikemarceau@juno.com)


8 Arrested Protesting Killer Drone Assassinations

On Thursday, June 20th, eight members of the Upstate Drone Coalition were arrested for blocking the main gate of rhe 174th Attack Wing of the United States Air Force at Hancock Killer drone base in Syracuse, NY.

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BIW Protest

47 Arrested In 8 Weeks Demanding: #ConvertBIW To Address #ClimateEmergency!

Many Veterans For Peace members have been participating in the weeks of action against Bath Iron Works in the lead up to a christening ceremony for a warship. The protests have been part of a larger pushback by peace and environmental groups against the United States’ global military presence and, more recently, the military’s contribution to global climate change.  

Check out these pictures of VFP member blocking buses to not allow them into the ceremony!

VFP in the News

Important Reminders!

Don't forget to Vote for our annual VFP Awards!  The awards are Chapter of the Year Award, Leadership in Peace Award, Service and Stewardship Award, Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Gandhian Non-Violence Award.  Vote now!

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Upcoming Events


July 8-16, 2019 - Buchel, Germany anti-nuke camp and actions- Stop the New U.S. Nuclear Bomb for Europe

July 12-21 - VFP Trip to Nicaragua 

July 18-20 - Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the Chicago River

June 10- August 6 - 2019 East Asia Peace Walk 

August 15-18 - Annual Veterans For Peace Convention in Spokane, Washington

August 27 - Kellogg-Briand Treaty Day

September 7-22 - VFP Trip to Viet Nam

For more calendar events, check out our website!

Veterans For Peace Annual Convention

Registration is now open!

Make sure to check out our website on all things Convention related. Now is the time to register, get your housing, vote for our VFP awards, submit Resolutions and ByLaws and help others get to convention! We are excited to see you in Spokane!


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