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Veterans For Peace Louisville chapter at Moms Demand Action

Veterans Condemn Racist Violence

Veterans For Peace strongly condemns the terrorist attack conducted by a white nationalist in El Paso, Texas, and the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. We hold Donald Trump accountable for his part in stoking racism and bigotry. We hold news outlets accountable for not taking Trump to task for his racism. We hold the U.S. Congress accountable for not enacting legislation that will, in part, make the National Rifle Association culpable for fomenting an atmosphere of lawlessness in our society. Their lack of will and lack of courage makes attacks by domestic terrorists a far too frequent occurrence. This cowardice continues to allow wanton murder to occur unchecked. We furthermore hold that the U.S. Congress’ unwillingness to confront and oppose the racist, bigoted language of the current occupant of the White House to be unconscionable.
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#VetsSpeakOut #VetsVsHate

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We continue to be dismayed at the lack of accountability that the U.S. has taken towards unleashing the most devastating attack the world has ever seen.  The U.S. remains the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons, of which the side effects are still being felt today. 
Veterans For Peace now takes up the call of the Hibakusha. We who have trained for war and experienced war know its meaningless violence, its futility, its lies and false promises. We want to abolish all war, to end the violence of military intervention, and the threats of nuclear destruction.  Read entire statement

Veterans For Peace at Mauna Kea

Veterans For Peace in Mauna Kea

On July 30th, Veterans For Peace was honored to visit Mauna Kea and meet with the Elders circle.  VFP members presented this statement and a VFP flag.

Sign the petition for Mauna Kea

Chris Overfelt testifying

VFP Testifies at Budget Committee with Poor People's Campaign

Chris Overfelt, a representative of Veterans For Peace from Kansas, as part of the Poor People's Campaign, gave his testimony during a hearing on poverty in America and the economic realities of struggling families.  

See the testimony!


VFP members handing out literature in NYC

Korea Armistice Day

Veterans For Peace, New York joins a protest organized by Soobak Kim of the Korea Peace Campaign.  Calling attention to HR 152 and getting signatures to support the legislation calling for a formal end to the Korean War.



Podcast: Dee Knight

New Podcast: Dee Knight

Dee Knight, who left the US to resist the Vietnam War from Canada, declares, "Don't be afraid. Follow your conscience," in the newest Courage to Resist podcast produced in collaboration with the Vietnam Full Disclosure effort of Veterans For Peace.

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Golden Rule in Hawaii

The Golden Rule Arrives in Hawai'i!

The Golden Rule arrived in Hilo, Hawai'i last week. It's been 61 years since the Golden Rule was in Hawai'i on one of it's original voyages in 1958!!!!

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Mary Ellen

Peace is Possible!

Veterans For Peace Evansville made two great videos to get the word out about their chapter.

Check them out:


VFP Nashville Radio Hour Puerto Rico

(This was from last week but still relevant)
Thanks to friend of the show Kat Hitchcock we were able to interview three activists from the streets of San Juan as the people have come out and driven out their governor. The story goes much deeper than just ousting the governor. The people are ready to overthrow the current administration from top to bottom.  Listen Now!

Lars Pip

¡Presente! Lars Prip

Veterans For Peace will miss dedicated activist and fellow VFP friend, Lars Prip, who passed away last month.  Read this thoughtful remembrance of Lars.


VFP In the News

VFP In the News!

VFP in the News

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