Feb 18 - For Peace in Korea-No More War Webinar, Okinawa: Webinar, SHUT DOWN CREECH, Close Guantánamo, :Leave No one Behind, End Sanctions, Webinars: AFRICOM and SOVA, StandDownLive, VFP is hiring a Digital Organizer and more!

For Peace in Korea, No More War Drills

For Peace in Korea, No More War Drills!

TONIGHT: Feb 18, 2021 8pm (e), 7pm (c), 5pm (p)

Webinar on the 60-plus year history of the costly and provocative annual US-ROK combined military exercises, and why it’s critical to end them to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Sponsoring organizations:
Civil Peace Forum; Korea Peace Campaign of Veterans For Peace; Korea Peace Network; Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network; Korean Women’s Movement for Peace; Peace Treaty Now; South Korean Committee on June 15th Joint Declaration; Women Cross DMZ; and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

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VFP Celebrates the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

US, South Korean and International Civil Society Organizations Call for the Suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises

On January 27th, a statement endorsed by 110 U.S., 197 South Korean, and 80 international civil society organizations was sent to the Biden administration urging the suspension of annual combined military exercises with South Korea in order to restart diplomacy with North Korea.

Individuals can add their voices to the call for suspension of military exercises by signing this petition.

Read the statement

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition


Okinawa: Understanding the History and Resistance to U.S. Militarism

Thank you to all who joined us on this amazing webinar on the 60-plus year history of the costly and provocative annual US-ROK combined military exercises, and why it’s critical to end them to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula.

We know that many folks didn't get their questions answered.  Please send any further questions you have to press@veteransforpeace.org and VFP ROCK will assemble a document that answers everyone's questions!

You can watch the pre-recorded presentation here.

Please take action to Urge your Congressional Leader to Request an Investigation Before the Okinawa Base Project Continues!

Close Guantanamo

Close Guantánamo Now: A Call to Action

Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 2 PM CST

At Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, the US government continues to inflict inhumane treatment on 40 human beings held for 19 years without even being charged.

It is past time to put an end to this shameful episode by closing GITMO now.


  • *U.S. Army Capt. James Yee was a Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo who counseled prisoners and was imprisoned himself for his service.

  • *Andy Worthington is a historian, investigative journalist, and film director of a documentary focused on Guantanamo.

  • *Mansoor Adayfi was released in 2016 and resettled in Serbia. He is a talented writer, and his memoir, Don't Forget Us Here: Lost and Found at Guantanamo, will be published in August!

Facebook invite and Zoom Link

Leave No one Behind

Leave No One Behind Mural Project and Campaign Press Conference

This video is the full Feb 15, 2021 press conference describing the Leave No One Behind Mural Project & Campaign in detail. 

The campaign goals are to:

  • End U.S. military veteran deportation.
  • Provide a path for all deported veterans to return home.
  • We call on the Biden Administration to issue an executive order and Congress to pass legislation to meet these goals.
  • We support broad immigration reform legislation such as the New Way Forward Act introduced by Chuy Garcia 4th District of Illinois.

For more information on the project, follow this link.

Watch the press conference!

Shut Down Creech


Week of Nonviolent Resistance to Drones and U.S. Global Militarism

Mark your calendars for Shut Down Creech at Camp Justice and Creech AFB, “Home of the Hunters”… yes, that’s what they call themselves!   Near Las Vegas, Nevada.

While in the thick of the COVID pandemic, we ask that you wait to reserve flights for now. By March 10th, we will send an update on whether we welcome flying to Las Vegas or not, depending on current health risks, phase of the pandemic, etc.  Precautions will be taken as needed.

We will be there, one way or another!  Camping may be the only option, depending on the pandemic.

See more information


End Sanctions

Tell the New U.S. Administration to End Economic Sanctions 

These sanctions block shipments and purchases of essential medicines, testing equipment, PPE, vaccines and even basic food.  Sanctions also cause chronic shortages of basic necessities, economic dislocation, chaotic hyperinflation, artificial famines, disease, and poverty, leading to tens of thousands of deaths. It is always the poorest and the weakest – infants, children, the chronically ill and the elderly – who suffer the worst impact of sanctions.  

Sanctions are illegal. They are a violation of international law and the United Nations Charter. They are a crime against humanity used, like military intervention, to topple popular governments and movements.

Sign here




Monday, February 22 at 8:00pm Eastern Time

The United States African Command (AFRICOM) was established October 1, 2008. The purpose of AFRICOM is to use U.S. military power to impose U.S. control of African land, resources and labor to service the needs of U.S. multi-national corporations and the wealthy in the United States.

This is an invitation to our event next week titled What is AFRICOM? featuring organizers from the Friends of the Congo and Black Alliance for Peace. This event will be held virtually via Zoom.

  • Maurice Carney
  • Ajamu Baraka
  • Nnenna Amuchie
  • Henry Lowendorf

Register Now

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84699489903 Meeting ID: 846 9948 9903

Veterans For Peace Tucson, Chapter 13 Hosts SOVA Townhall

VFP Chapter 13 hosts Zoom Townhall, Thursday, February 18, 6:30 pm MST (AZ time) "How to Push the Biden Administration to Reverse VA Privatization and Move Forward on Strengthening the VA for all Veterans and Their Families and Communities" by Suzanne Gordon*.

Suzanne will discuss the effort to undermine the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) by moving outsourcing patient care to the private sector and the impact this will have on VHA as an integrated healthcare system. It will include a brief discussion of current and future legislation. The danger this poses to veterans and the need to mobilize against it will be emphasized. Suzanne will discuss the most effective ways for veterans and their supporters to mobilize to reverse the privatization of the VHA, improve and strengthen it, and how to lobby for expanded services offered to veterans and their families, including the issue of “bad paper” discharges. VHA’s Fourth Mission will also be discussed.

Zoom info: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84699489903 Meeting ID: 846 9948 9903

VFP IN the News

Veterans For Peace In the News!

VFP Is Hiring!

Veterans For Peace is seeking a digital organizer who is highly motivated, creative and committed to anti-militarism and social justice. This role will helps implement digital strategy at the policy, political and organizing level, grow social media presence and engagement, and support and build campaigns and organizing efforts. 

Military veterans, BIPOC and women are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Click here for more info!

Upcoming Events


Every Wednesday- StandDownLive! every Wednesday at 4pm (C), 5 pm (E) for our weekly episode of StandDownLive on FB Live or the Veterans For Peace YouTube channel.  

Every Thursday - Veterans For Peace Social Hour!  every Thursday at 6 pm. (EDT) | 5 p.m. (CST) | 4 pm (MST) | 3 pm (PST)  To Join Social Hour, click here.  Or go to Zoom and click join meeting and enter in Meeting ID: 324 812 650  

Every Friday- Open Mic Night! (every Friday)  Click here for submission information! 

Feb 18 - For Peace in Korea, No More War Drills!  Register here

Feb 21 - Close Guantánamo Now: A Call to Action - Facebook invite and Zoom link

Feb 22 - We are not your soldiers - on-line panel discussion with the presenters who go into classrooms and dialogue with students- register here

March 1 - New Member Orientation - email membership@veteransforpeace.org for details

March 3 - Climate Change Working group meeting

March 4 - Truth in Recruiting working group meeting

March 12 - Winter Solider - stay tuned for details

April 4-10 Shut Down Creech

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